Talk Hands with Our JAKACoaches

*This is an ongoing feature for all members of

We know that not everyone has a trusted community of players to talk poker with. That’s why we want to give a little help to anyone who wants to get some feedback and talk hands with our coaches.

When you join our site, you also get access to exclusive private discord channels to talk hands with other students and get direct feedback from our coaches.

There are 4 channels to post your hands to for the different game types:

🃏 Live MTT and Concepts
📈 Online MTT HH and Concepts ⁠
⭐️ ICM HH and Concepts
🥊 PKO HH and Concepts

  1. Be sure to include information on the type of game, tournament, stakes, positions, etc.

  2. Track each street on its own line including all the relevant information as succinctly as possible. This makes it easier for people to read.

  3. Keep reads or analysis for after all the information about the hand to not influence the hand analysis and also make it quicker and easier to first understand the action

  4. If you have online hands exported those files are not good to post, use the Cardschat Hands Converter to get hand results in a more readable text format you can post.

  5. Here is an example of a hand to submit:

    Hand from Golden Nugget summer series. 200/400/400. 130bbs eff Btn opened 3bb. We defend on the SB w A10hs Flop 10J2shh. C btn bets 3.5bb. We call Turn 10d. Check Check. River 9c. We lead for 4k (10bb). He makes it 15k. we tank fold. Btn Showed 99.
    Q- Is leading on the river and sizing ok or do we prefer to check calling on the river?


Make Sure to Write Down the Hands You Play

This is one of the most underutilized tools in your arsenal to ramp up your game skills. As a poker player, you MUST be actively reviewing your own hands, not just studying what professionals are doing or reviewing solvers’ outputs. Why? Because that’s when you understand your own thought process and how much of the poker theory involved you’ve absorbed; what’s lacking and what you need to work on.

What hands should I document to review?

  1. Interesting or unusual hands.Document hands that involve unique or uncommon situations. These can include hands where you made a difficult decision, encountered a rare combination of cards, or faced unusual betting patterns. Reviewing these hands later can help you analyze your decision-making process and assess whether your actions were optimal.

  2. Hands from key moments. These are hands where significant pots were won or lost, hands that influenced your chip stack significantly, and any hands that resulted in game-changing moments. Analyzing these hands can provide insights into your strategic approach during crucial stages of play.

  3. Hands with questionable decisions. Not sure what you did was correct? Write them down. These hands may involve tough calls, bluffs, laydowns, or bets that you later questioned. Through analyzing them, you can identify potential errors or leaks in your game, and work on improving your judgment in similar situations.

It's important to not waste time sending bad beats or coolers where both players had to get their chips in anyways. Be objective about spots and even question hands you won to question if you made the correct play or maximized your winnings on those hands.

Who should I talk hands with?

Talking hands with other players is another way of actively learning poker, so you should look for players whose judgment you trust. That is because when you’re talking hands, you’re opening yourself up for criticism and not all players have the same level of expertise or they may have a biased perspective. Listening to inaccurate or suboptimal advice can be detrimental to your game if you rely solely on the opinions of others without critical evaluation.

But when you find a trusted community, you will gain incredibly valuable insights and different perspectives on the game. It allows you to analyze different strategies, evaluate your own decisions, and learn from the experiences of others.

That’s why as a member of, you have direct access to our coaches on our exclusive discord channel to send your own hands and hear direct feedback from them.

What is our Discord Community Like

What we love about our jakacoaching community is that you’ll find other players who are on the same journey. Within our community, you'll find individuals who are balancing full-time jobs, running their own businesses, and managing busy family lives. These players may have limited time to dedicate to studying or immersing themselves in poker, often investing just a few hours a week.

On the other hand, we also have seasoned semi-professionals and even retirees who have honed their skills and are consistently achieving success at the tables. And let’s not forget our pro coaches also join in the discussion frequently there! The collective experiences and perspectives of our community members create a dynamic environment where everyone brings something valuable to the table.

A reminder to all: getting personal feedback on your hands is an ongoing feature for all members of 💪