Frequent Asked Questions

How does it work?
My group lessons are $99/month. We meet weekly for a 90-120 minute lesson. If you can’t make it live, all lessons are recorded and then put into the library here: Video Library . We have over 70 lessons recorded and placed into learning paths to make it easy to know which order to go in and where to start.

a. Most lessons come with notes that will provide you with a summary of key takeaways from the lesson, as well as screenshots to help you remember key moments from the lesson. Here is an example of Checkraising vs. the BB (live seminar)

b. We also have a student discord group for all members where we talk hands, health & mindset, best practices, and support each other's deep runs. In-between lessons and a student meetup WhatsApp group during WSOP and live events.

c. Here is a 15-minute example of what the experience of being in class or watching the recording is like. As you will see, lessons are VERY interactive, with a lot of back and forth. Free Video

To sign up, go to
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What is included in the paid membership?

a. Weekly 90-120 min live lesson.

b. Access to 70+ previous lesson recordings + learning paths

Training sites have so much content; where should I start?

a.This is exactly why I started the learning path. You can find them here Learning Path

b. 99% of the students I have coached, I end up recommending them to start with the Core Fundamentals learning path of 10 videos. Most players, including pros, are missing some key fundamental understandings that create leaks in other parts of their game. Core Fundamentals

What methods of payment do you have?

a. We accept all major credit cards (via stripe)

b. Paypal

What if I don’t like the content?

a. You can unsubscribe at any time to not get charged for the next billing cycle. If you are unhappy with the content and email within the first seven days, I am happy to give you a 100% refund back.

How could I change or cancel my subscription?

a. While signed in, click “Dashboard” in the top right-hand corner, then click “Billing.”

How much time do I need to invest?

a. The minimum to commit and benefit from these lessons would be 2 hrs/week. This would consist of using the weekly lesson as your way of exercising that mental poker muscle and keeping up to date with the latest trends and takeaways. The ideal would be 4 hrs/per week so that you can also spend 1 hour documenting and reviewing your own hands and another 1 hour per week in the discord group talking and posting hands with other students.

What skill level is Jaka Coaching for?

a. Recreational and Semi-Pro players who have a full-time job or business or are semi-retired playing $500-$3500 buy-in live tournaments and $10-$1,000 online buy-in tournaments. who don't have 60 hours/week to play and study poker but still want to remain competitive, ahead of the curve, and win trophies. Me and my team basically do hundreds of hours of study, solver work, and population data, and find ways to simplify and summarize these into quick takeaways that our students can easily digest and implement at the tables.

b. Even though it wasn't the intended market, we are finding a growing number of pros at these same stakes consuming our content because we are not dumbing down the strategy. We are simply investing a lot of time in coming up with simple ways to present and explain complex ideas which benefit everyone. Many of our more advanced players enjoy watching the replays more than the live lessons so that they can skip through the Q and A parts they may already be familiar with.

What is Jaka Coaching? A course or a poker class?

a. It is a community of students who participate in a weekly group coaching lesson. Many who can't make the live lessons or prefer to watch replays simply watch the recordings that are in the library.

b. Once a student has watched the first seven videos from the Core Fundamentals Playlist, they will be caught up and comfortable being able to talk poker at similar levels as the rest of the group Core Fundamentals

c. About once a quarter, we do have a month-long series where we focus on a specific topic like ICM, WSOP Prep, three-bet pots post-flop, etc.

Who do I contact if I have a question about the website?

a. Please email us at for any questions about where to find content on the server or the website.

How do I join the student discord, and who do I message if I need access to the BONUS channels in discord for paid subscribers?

a. The discord link is at the top right of the website. You can also find it here: Join Discord

b. To join the paid channel, please DM @Ghost_of_m

I’m not so good with technology and don't know how to use discord, poker tracker, etc.

a. You can send us an email to and we can schedule a quick call to answer your questions and help you get set up.