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WSOP 2024: Get Your Bracelet This Summer

Train with Faraz Jaka and other prolific poker pros for the most important poker tournament series of the year! 

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What is the WSOP 2024 Rush Series?

Accelerate your poker skills to get results in time for WSOP! One-of-a-kind 12-week live coaching series with renowned tournament pro player Faraz Jaka and other pro crushers!

All live sessions are recorded and available to rewatch at your own pace.

Catch up with the latest poker strategy top players are using & learn key adjustments for large-field tournaments

1.5h lessons in a group format. You will be quizzed on real-life spots & interact in real-time during every class

Poker strategy sessions and hand history reviews from real games happening live.

Private Discord for talking hands, game selection, poker tools, and live meetups in Las Vegas with Faraz Jaka & students

Full access to replays of all live classes & library of 160+ lessons and learning paths

Exclusive Hand History Reviews from real games at WSOP 2024, including YOURS!

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Here are the first 8 upcoming WSOP lessons to prepare you with the main skills to crush your tables. There are even more poker lessons during the series focused on reviewing hands, including yours! 

These will enable you to fine-tune your game by making necessary adjustments based on your current performance.

Truly Retain Your New Poker Skills in Time for WSOP

Our poker lessons are different from the ones you find on other poker coaching sites. They are fully live & interactive: you'll be immersed in different poker scenarios, solving problems in real-time as if you were in a classroom setting with the attention of a private coach. This ensures you retain the information to apply in real-life scenarios you'll be facing at WSOP 2024.

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We run live lessons all year, and in May-July, we host our special WSOP Prep Series. When you join, you will get full access to the library of 160+ poker training videos and our ongoing weekly live lessons, which includes the 2024 WSOP Prep Series.




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Our Students Crush Every WSOP

We LOVE to brag about our students! Here are some results that speak for themselves. In just 4 events, they accumulated over $1,250,000 in winnings!

Angela Jordison

3rd in the WSOP 2022 $1K Freezout. Cashed for $151,544

Francis Anderson

3rd in the WSOP 2022 $1,5k Monster stack for $455k

Mayank Madan

24th in the WSOP 2022 $10k Main Event. Cashed for $323,100

Charles Mitchell

3rd in the WSOP 2022 $1k Senior NLH. Cashed for $323k 

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Get Connected at WSOP

Finding a community of likeminded players is essential to talk hands & learn about best practices. Having peers to bounce ideas back and forth with keeps you accountable during the swings & hardships of WSOP. These are the ways you can get connected.

Discord Server

Join our Discord server with a dedicated WSOP channel. Let's talk strategy, connect with other players & sweat your deep runs!

Wear Our Swags at the Table

Get some awesome gear for good luck! Hoodies, string bags, hats & awesome patches with your membership. Hit Faraz up during WSOP to get your hands on them

WhatsApp Group

Plan together your 15-min breaks, meet before/after events to talk hands or grab meals & bond together during the series

Las Vegas WSOP Meetup

We're hosting a member-exclusive event at a bar/lounge in Las Vegas. Meet Faraz Jaka himself & other students!

Watch a Sneak Peek

Curious to know how these live poker lessons are in a group setting? Watch this video to see how Faraz Jaka will lead the sessions and make sure you really retain the information presented.

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