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Here are our some of our MEMBERS making waves in the last few months

Angela Jordison

8th in the WSOP 2022
$1K Freezout for $151K


$145k in online winnings
January-April 2022

Francis Anderson

3rd in the WSOP 2022
$1,5k Monster Stack for $455k

June Cabatu

Back-to-back days of three
final tables $10,500 Orleans Casino

David Yanotti

8th in the WSOP 2022
$1,500 Shootout for $30k

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@FarazJaka after following you recently and using a small amount I've learned, my game has changed already. Thanks!! Because of this truth, I have grabbed a membership on your shite and believe I will quickly advance to the next level. Knowledge is KING!!!

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Just started up with @FarazJaka and Wow did I luck into a great coach! Helped improve my game immensely from our first session! Can't wait for the next session! 🚀

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I just finished the "Checkraising from the BB" video lesson from the Core Fundamentals playlist, and I have to say it's one of the best training videos I've ever watched. Probably my biggest leak is my "red line" in live MTTs and not being aggro enough, and having spots like this to play back at the table and pick up those extra chips is huge for me. Looking forward to trying some of this stuff in the WPT Deepstacks main event this weekend!


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Curious to know how these live poker lessons are in a group setting? Watch this video to see how Faraz Jaka will lead the sessions and make sure you really retain the information presented.

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