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What is the WSOP Prep Series?

Faraz Jaka has created 8-week series of live coaching sessions, which are all recorded and accessible once you sign up.

Once the WSOP ends, we will return back to our weekly 2 hour lessons on various topics and hand reviews. Scroll to the bottom to see what’s coming next.

Focus on MTT Core Fundamentals & Exploits, plus specific topics relevant for the live play action at the WSOP

1:1 lessons in a group format, you will be put through real-life spots & interact in real-time during every class

2-hour interactive poker lessons that run live & every week during WSOP with strategy sessions and hand history reviews from real games happening live.

Private discord group for talking strategy, game selection, poker tools, and general best practices with Faraz & students

Full access to replays of all live classes & library of 50+ lessons

Exclusive Hand History Reviews from real games at WSOP 2022

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Truly Retain Your New Poker Skills in Time for WSOP

Our poker lessons are different from the ones you find on other poker coaching sites. They are fully live & interactive: you'll be immersed in different poker scenarios, solving problems in real-time as if you were in a classroom setting with the attention of a private coach. This ensures you retain the information to apply in real-life scenarios you'll be facing at WSOP 2022.

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What Members are Saying

I just finished the "Checkraising from the BB" video lesson from the Core Fundamentals playlist, and I have to say it's one of the best training videos I've ever watched. Probably my biggest leak is my "red line" in live MTTs and not being aggro enough, and having spots like this to play back at the table and pick up those extra chips is huge for me. Looking forward to trying some of this stuff in the WPT Deepstacks main event this weekend!


On discord

@FarazJaka after following you recently and using a small amount I've learned, my game has changed already. Thanks!! Because of this truth I have grabbed a membership on your shite and believe I will quickly advance to the next level. Knowledge is KING!!!

On twitter

Just started up with @FarazJaka and Wow did I luck into a great coach! Helped improve my game immensely from our first session! Can't wait for the next session! 🚀

On twitter
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Live-Recorded Lessons

WSOP Prep Series

LESSON #1 3-Bet Ranges, Squeezing & Short Stack Plays | Preflop Fundamentals

LESSON #2C-betting in & out of position, Checkraising, Raising C-bets In-position

LESSON #3 ICM with Dara O'Kearney [Guest Coach]

LESSON #4 Tripple Barreling and Facing Tripple Barrels | Postflop Fundamentals


Mistery Bounty with Dara O'Kearney

LESSON #5 Multiway Postflop Play

LESSON #6Master Satellites with Dara O'Kearney [Guest Coach]

Current/Upcoming Live Lessons

WSOP Followup live now*

JUN 20th 2pm PST Student Monster Stack & Milly Maker Hand Reviews

JUN 28th 5pm PST Reviewing Faraz' Deep Runs

JUL 5th 5pm PSTFaraz Main Event Day 1: Reviewing All Hands Played

Upcoming Sessions

Post-WSOP Weekly Sessions

We'll get back to our regular schedule with ongoing content knowledge you can keep adding to your arsenal

Jul 13th 5pm PST

Calling 3 bets out of position | Postflop Play

Jul 22th 2pm PST

Turn Probes from the Big Blind with Jeremy Menard

Jul 29th

Topic TBH with Dara O'Kearney | Guest Coach

Aug 6th 10am PST

Crush Your Reshove Range & Know When to Call Them

prerecording premiere

Aug 19th 5pm PST

Topic TBH with Jeremy Menard | Guest Coach

Aug 26th 10am PST

Faraz EPT Barcelona Hand Histories

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Finding a community of likeminded players is essential to talk hands & learn about best practices. Having peers to bounce ideas back and forth with keeps you accountable during the swings & hardships of WSOP. These are the ways you can get connected.

Discord Server

Join our Discord server with a dedicated WSOP channel. Let's talk strategy, connect with other players & sweat your deep runs!

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Get some awesome gear for good luck! Hoodies, string bags, hats & awesome patches with your membership. Hit Faraz up during WSOP to get your hands on them

WhatsApp Group

Plan together your 15-min breaks, meet before/after events to talk hands or grab meals & bond together during the series

Las Vegas WSOP Meetup

We're hosting a member-exclusive event on June 20th at a bar/lounge in Vegas. Meet Faraz Jaka himself & other students!

Watch a Sneak Peek

Curious to know how these live poker lessons are in a group setting? Watch this video to see how Faraz Jaka will lead the sessions and make sure you really retain the information presented.

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