Your JakaCoaches

Learn from players you can relate! Your coaches are professionals who are crushing the live & online felts, battling in the same stakes you play! Get to know them:

Jeremy Menard, SoAppalled

Our online grinder, who you will find on ACR under the guise of SoAppalled, has been a professional player for over 15 years, particularly crushing the online felts lately.

Primarily playing $50-$215 buy-in tournaments, big-guaranteed $630 $1k, and occasionally $2650s, SoAppalled has gathered over $8M in winnings, grinding from California, with a wife & two dogs. Ask him about his latest ACR $1K tournament takedown.


Dara O'Kearney

Having studied electronic engineering, Dara started his poker journey at the age of 42, switching over from a successful 20-year-long career in IT. Since then, he’s accumulated over $5.8 Millions in winnings, playing a mix of live and online games. 

A record-breaking ultra-marathon runner, O’Kearney is used to running good. He's become one of the most prolific ICM experts, writing two of the most popular books on Final Table ICM and satellite strategy. You’ll find his lessons a lot more theory and technical-based. 


Scott Baumstein

A household name in the Hard Rock felts after collecting eight guitar trophies this far, Scott Baumstein is one of the BEST players in town in the $360-$2500 buy-in range.

A Florida regular, Scotts takes a very exploitative style when playing live poker. Often invited as a commentator by WPT, Pokerstars, and other live tours to share his wisdom during live streams, we're excited to have him share his secrets exclusively with our students.