About Faraz Jaka

Hi, I'm Faraz Jaka. I've been a professional poker player for over 19 years, playing all over the world and meeting awesome people along the way!

I was coined the 'Homeless Millionaire' by CNN, and here you can see why through a bit of my lifestyle. Nowadays, I'm much more focused on growing our JakaCoaching community but I'm still joining the big main live tournaments around the world.




Who is Faraz Jaka?

Professionalism, authenticity, and forward-thinking are only a few things to describe Jaka and his passion for teaching other players like you to win in the world of poker. 

Faraz Jaka has been a professional poker player for over 16 years. He first started as an online player back in his college dorm and grew to join important tournaments worldwide and collect winnings currently exceeding $12 million.

Jaka has reached two World Poker Tour (WPT) final tables and six final tables in the World Series of Poker (WSOP). His success has improved not only the focus on personal winnings but also his purpose for teaching others the secrets of triumph in the poker world.

As of 2020, Jaka put his passion for growing the poker community above everything else. He launched Jakacoaching.com to further his commitment to helping others grow in poker, creating this learning space for passionate people that want to level up their game.

Whether you are a semi-pro or someone who plays for fun, the space and community of players created by Faraz Jaka at Jaka Coaching are perfect for learning and developing your skills & network.

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